Low Carb

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken is marinated in yogurt, lemon and spices. The yogurt helps slowly tenderize the meat making it soft and well… tender! Additionally, the Air fryer lightly chars the chicken without overcooking any of it. Each bite is perfectly tender with a light char. Exactly what you want for a […]

Tender goat meat in a spiced gravy made in the instant pot

Instant Pot Roghan Gosh

Roghan Ghosh, or Lamb Rogan Josh or some variable therein, comes from the Kashmiri region of India and was brought to the region through the Mugals who were heavily influenced by Persia. In the Persian language, “Roghan” means clarified butter and “Ghosh” means passion. This gravy is intense in flavor […]

delicious black label whiskey

Black Label Chicken

Black Label blended Whiskey is a staple in most Punjabi households. Hemant Pathak, the head mixologist Junoon, a Michelin-starred Indian restaurant in New York City, admits that he often jokes with co-workers that Johnnie Walker is the “national drink of India.” The whiskey with its sweet and smoky flavor adds depth […]

Delicious Achari Paneer

Achari Paneer

Paneer is a fresh cheese common in the Indian subcontinent. It is a non-melting soft cheese made by curdling milk with the help of an acid. The paneer used was store bought and comes in a block and is easily cut up into cubes. The yogurt in the marinade helps […]


Baked Salmon with Dill and Jalepeno

Easy to cook baked salmon made with fresh ingredients. A great lean and healthy week night meal. Salmon is a oily fish rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids help in lowering ones triglycerides, reduces joint pain, improves memory and lowers depression.  I love eating fish but […]


Beef Keema Masala

Keema is ground meat stew flavored with masala spices and automatics. It is as easy as a bolognese but with a thicker consistency. Keema can be made with beef, lamb, or goat meat. Add peas or potatoes to the Beef Keema to provide a texture and flavor variation. Serve Keema […]


Peruvian Chicken

Peruvian Chicken that will become a weekday regulars once you realize how delicious and simple it is to make. This Peruvian Chicken Recipe can be made in the oven or an air fryer. Marinade the chicken in cumin, paprika, garlic, lime and vinegar. The strong assertive spices blend effortlessly with […]

A savory cake made with chickpea flour.

Gujrati Dhokla

Dhokla is a deliciously steamed slightly sweet savory snack. It is super easy and simple it was to make. The texture is also unbelievably soft and light created through the steaming process. Gujrati Dhokla is a dish you will love! More Indian Recipes: What is Dhokla? Dhokla is a soft […]


Pomegranate Chicken

This chicken is packed with flavor and so quick and easy to make. It’s a wonderful harmony of sweet (from the nosy and molasses) and spicy (from the Aleppo peppers). It also has cumin and lime to balance out the acidity and umami flavors. I make it in the air […]

Dill Daal with Garlic Tadka

Dill Daal with a Garlic Tadka

This is Kind of a Big Dill Dill Daal with a Garlic Tadka is made with red and yellow lentils cooked with ginger, turmeric and dill. Additionally in a pan heat ghee with mustard seeds, hing, garlic and chili powder to make the tadka. Season the lentils with the hot […]